Monday, 25 March 2013

Uh oh, I've done it again...

The past few weeks have been INSANE. I've never felt so stressed in my life.

I've still got about a million deadlines to meet so I haven't had chance to blog (sorry sorry)

However, my product design deadline is tomorrow and guess what? I've finished!
I made a wedding dress based on a sea theme. I melted organza strips to replicate seaweed and placed them over a shell studded (fully boned) corset to 'mask' the glistening treasures. The base material for the entire dress is taffeta and I attached an organza skirt (which is scattered with rhinestones) over the taffeta one.
Here's a picture!

I'd appreciate a few comments, it'll help with my evaluation!

Bekah xo


  1. That's absolutely BRILLIANT becky aaah!
    I love the corset especially the diamonds! ahh wow x

  2. Great pictures! Love the blog!

    Lets follow?